The Stories of Fiction

The majority of books written today are fictional, and they give readers an in-depth story meant to draw them into another place or time. In a good book, the characters are developed enough it seems as if they truly exist. The goal of the writer is to give the reader a window into their private world, and they attempt to make them feel they can relate to the trials of the main characters. While they are not always successful in every case, many can be touched by the emotional content of their work.

The stories of fiction vary greatly, and there are now many different genres for educators and students to choose. Most adults have their own favorites, and some of them are able to pass them on to their children. Students who are not encouraged by their parents to read will find that vacation reading lists are one area where they can find something that interests them, so there is the hope that one or more of the stories will capture their attention.

It might seem that there is little educational value in a fictitious story, but a good author does their homework. They check their facts, work to ensure internal consistency within the story, and they add enough details to make their characters come alive. Drawing in their readers often includes twining a fictional character around facts, and students can learn from their reading. Some stories are written to provide readers with lessons, and these also have educational value.

Reading fictional stories is often about nothing more than enjoyment, and there is nothing wrong with it. Those who are reading for school will find the books chosen for them are based on what they can learn, but the main goal is to get them to learn how to enjoy reading.